We Give Your Ears The Comfort They Deserve


Comfortable & Instant Earring Lift

Step 1

To wear, hold the Magic Bax from the back tab while ensuring the heart faces upwards.

Step 2

Slide the post of your earring into the opening of the Magic Bax like any other earring back. Tighten as per the desirable fit.

Step 3

With your earrings lifted and your earlobes secure, wear them with confidence!

I had my doubts because such products often do not work, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on. They make my earrings look so much better and all the sagginess was gone. Push-up bra for ears indeed!

Poornima Sharma

I have a torn earlobe and these are life savers for me. I did not have the energy or the time to undergo a surgery to fix it, so these earring cushions are definitely something I find very very useful.

Priyam Kumar

For some reason my right ear had been started stretching a lot over the past few years, while the left one was fine. I got these earbacks and just like that the problem was solved. I wear these in both my ears because even though my left one doesn't need it because it makes it much more comfortable.

Reema Patel